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Wuhan Strategy Biotechnology Co.,LTD is a   comprehensive oil&gas service  high-tech enterprise of R&D 、manufacture、 technology consulting、 sales,which is focusing on various media , all kinds of conditions, a variety of corrosion & control’s materials in the upstream and downstream of oil industry.In the recent years,we specially pay attention on the application of environment and  resources  microorganism in Flooding , wax plugging , reinjection produced water treatment, aging oil treatment , oil contaminated soil remediation field etc. Relying on the experts from HuaZhong University of Science and Technology and  American Ohio University as our technical support,we are the standard-maker and participants of the acid inhibitors , gathering transportation corrosion inhibitors, produced Water corrosion inhibitors standard (SY standard ) in China oil industry.Recently,we has 20 R&D staff ,including 4 Ph.D,13 Masters.At the same time ,we possess 2 independent intellectual property rights、4 patents. We specializing in the research 、production、sales of the corrosion & protection’s new materials.We also sales th...



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